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 This is a wonderful evening of light refreshments and a powerful time to get to know Victory in Christ Christian Center on a more intimate level.  You will have the opportunity to meet Pastors John and Isha and their leadership staff.   You will learn more about Pastors John and Isha, the vision of Victory, the government structure, and you will get answers to any of your questions.














 Partnering is a God ordained system for businesses and ministries to go to another level.  It is a serious God led decision that should be well thought out and placed before God.  You should not partner with just anybody!  Success in your life is tied to who you decided to partner with.  This class will give
you answers to vital questions such as:

  • What is partnership?
  • What does it mean to partner?
  • What is it exactly does the Word say about tithing?

This class will give you detailed information that
will be instrumental in making a decision if God would have you partner with





                 PLACE Workshop


Every believer needs to be equipped to hear the words when they stand before God, “Job well done my good and faithful servant….”  God equips every believer for every area of their lives.  Equipping starts with learning how God, the master designer, made you special and unique.  PLACE is five powerful classes that will lead you into the process of self discovery.  It will answer questions like:

                                       Why do I do what I do? 

What are my spiritual gifts? 

                                                                             Why do I relate to people on my job, at home and in ministry the way I do?

What am I passionate about?

                                                                    Why did I have to go through the things I’ve gone through in my life?

You will leave these classes with a good snap shot of how God specially created you and how to use it to walk victoriously in every area of your life.