Water Baptism

Victory conducts two to three water baptism services per year. Approximately six weeks prior to a scheduled baptism service, an announcement will go in the bulletin and on the video announcements. Those who are interested must send an e-mail to the specified e-mail address, stating the name(s), age(s) and contact information of the potential candidate(s). Parents must supply their contact information for children under the age of 18.


On the Saturday before the baptism, candidates attend a mandatory Baptism Class at the church. The class lasts from an hour to 90-minutes. The following topics are discussed during the class:


  • The meaning and significance of water baptism.
  • What the candidate needs to bring to the service.
  • What to and what not to wear for the baptism.
  • The Order of Service (how the service will be conducted).
  • What to expect in the water (what will happen).
  • Q & A time for participants.


The service is quick and very blessed. It is always a wonderful time of celebration! We encourage candidates to invite their family, loved ones and friends.