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Helping Hands Ministry

*The purpose of the Helping Hands Ministry is to serve and meet the short term and immediate physical and spiritual needs of our partners. The mission, our daily mandate, is to identify the basic care needs of our partners and assist in meeting those needs through caregiver connections and resource referrals. In addition, we will equip partners with tools to stay on track and succeed independently, after they have received help.

Helping Hands is also a new ministry under the auspices of the Partner Care Ministry. Our goal, in the near future, is to provide partner care in the following areas, and more as we grow:

  • Card  and notes of encouragement
  • Hospital visits
  • Calls and visits to those who are “shut in”, the elderly and those who are incapacitated
  • Running errands (store, cleaners, et cetera)
  • Emergency and periodic child care
  • Transportation to/from Victory for worship services and events
  • Prepare and/or deliver meals
  • Light housework
  • Snow Removal (already in place); must meet eligibility criteria to receive services.
  • Light emergency household repairs
  • Others services (to be determined as we grow).

*Partners must meet eligibility criteria to receive service from the Helping Hands Ministry.