Kingdom’s Gate Children’s Ministry



Ministry Purpose: To minister to every child on their own level and in a way that meets their needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our objective is for the children to exemplify Christ in all
that they say and do. This is accomplished through many tools such as: teaching, songs, games, prayers, quoting scriptures, dance, drama, etc.

Brief Description: Children are important to God. There is no question about God’s attitude toward children. The Bible tells us that kids are a blessing from God. While Jesus was on earth, he
made a point to welcome children and to affirm their value. He even talked about punishment for anyone who would abuse a child. If God’s priorities matter
to you, then you should serve in Children’s Ministry.


Serving in Children’s Ministry multiplies your efforts long-term. There are few ministry opportunities that allow you to impact the future in such a direct way. When you love and teach children, you are influencing generations to come.

Reaching children is a top priority for VICCC. It’s been proven that most people who will come to Christ do so when they are young. The childhood years are the years of greatest opportunity for the Gospel. If you want to see people come to Christ, then you should serve in Children’s Ministry.

Meetings/Trainings: We provide trainings quarterly on topics relevant to children, parents and partners. Ministry team meetings may be held as frequently as monthly either in person or via teleconference.