An Armour Bearer

Ministry Purpose: To create a ministry where brothers and sisters walk in their righteousness and help to maintain the Pastors’ vision at VICCC.  This is done by spending time with God interceding for himself/herself as well as for the Pastors and the congregation.  Furthermore, an ArmorBearer must commit to equip themselves with the word of God by attending classes in the VICCC Biblical Institute, maintaining an intimate prayer life and walking in Christian character as an example before others.


Brief Description: An Armour Bearer "Lives to Serve". Being an Armour Bearer is not just about carrying the bible or bags of a Leader. More importantly, it is about carrying the vision in
his heart.

An Armour Bearer:

  • is a servant, anointed by God to serve a leader
    of the Kingdom of God


  • is called to walk with his leader, assisting in
    any way necessary, to cause his leader’s "God Given
    Vision" to come to pass


  • will intercede for the leader and his family
    declaring victory on every battle front


  • stands between his leader and danger both in the
    spirit and in the natural.


  • is humble, faithful, trustworthy and loyal

Armour Bearers are directly chosen by the Pastors.  Individuals cannot just sign up for the ministry.
Selection is made at the Pastors’ discretion.